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Ultrafast Dynamics – Professor Dr. Georg Herink

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Electromagnetic radiation makes the world visible. Modern optics continues to open up the entire spectrum, resolves structures at the nanoscale and visualizes extremely fast events. Particularly, ultrashort laser pulses extend the regimes and the precision of light-matter-interactions. Thus, closer insights as well as new processes for controlling materials and manipulating nonlinear systems arise.

In our lab, we use femtosecond and picosecond pulses from the visible to the far infrared (terahertz) spectrum as our most important experimental tools. At the interface of laser spectroscopy, nanooptics and materials science, we develop instruments to “film” rapid processes in both spatial and spectral resolution. Here we cooperate with scientists from other fields, for example from chemistry or electrical engineering. Current research activities can be divided into three main areas:

Strong-field Terahertz Dynamics at the Nanoscale

  • Field-driven processes in nanostructures and quantum systems
  • THz-driven electronic and structural excitations
  • THz-Stark-effect, THz-tunneling, field-emission, high-field transport, control of carrier dynamics
  • THz nano-streaking spectroscopy

Nonlinear Optics and Real-Time Spectroscopy

  • Dynamics of ultrashort Soliton-Molecules
  • Stimulated Raman-Scattering and highspeed-spectroscopy in the time-domain
  • Nonlinear pulse propagation and super-continuum generation

Ultrafast Micro-Spectroscopy of complex Nanomaterials

  • Contact-free electronic characterization of novel electronic materials
  • Spatially-resolved THz-spectroscopy in semiconductor heterostructures
  • Time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy

Our research is funded by the German Reserch Foundation (DFG) and the Bavaria California Technology Center (BaCaTeC).

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